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Tribrids are a cross-breed of three different supernatural species. The term is commonly used to describe a vampire-werewolf-witch tribrid; and in Daniella Leroux's case, a vampire-werewolf-siphoner tribrid; due to the fact that they were the first type of supernatural tribrids to be introduced in the series.

Tribrids possess both the strengths and some of the weaknesses of their parent races, along with powerful attributes unique to themselves alone due to their combined heritage. For vampire-werewolf-witch tribrids, this includes being able to transform into a wolf without the full moon's influence.


Powers and Abilities

  • Werewolf Gene: Being part werewolf, tribrid's bodies contains the werewolf gene that provides them, with standard werewolf attributes provides them with enhanced senses, such as hearing, sight, and smell, as well as heightened aggression. In The Tale of Two Wolves, Klaus states, in response to Caroline's question, that Crescent wolves and by extension, Hope, Henrik, Octavia, and Remus; cannot control their first transformation despite being able to control their shifts with Transformation Control as evolved werewolves. However in This is the Part Where You Run, Hope accounts to Landon that her ability to control her transformation stems from her tribrid status, as like with other werewolf-vampire hybrids. Currently, whether it's the former or latter which grants them transformation control, or additional abilities, remains unknown.
  • Vampire Gene: Being part vampire, tribrid's bodies produces vampire blood which is constantly running through their system, tainted with dark magic.
    • Enhanced Healing Factor: Tribrid's can heal from injuries with a speed comparable to normal vampires. Their blood also retains the vampiric ability to heal others as Hope, Henrik, and Octavia were able to heal their mother's while in the womb.
    • Siring: Tribrid's blood has the ability to turn werewolves and witches into hybrids as long as they first drink their blood during the transition.
  • Witch Gene: Being part witch, tribrid's can channel vast amounts of mystical energy. According to Dahlia, as a firstborn of her bloodline, Hope has the potential for great, but destructive magic.
    • Channeling: Tribrid's have the power to invoke extra forms of energy by focusing on external forces.
    • Potion Brewing: Tribrid's have the power to brew and concoct potions, remedies and elixirs that have supernatural properties.
    • Spell Casting: Tribrid's have the power to change and control events through the use of incantations and more.
    • Divination: Tribrid's have the power to divine future, past, and present events based off extrasensory perception.
  • Werewolf Bite Cure: Tribrid's blood is the only cure for a normal werewolf or a non-Original werewolf-vampire hybrid venom; this ability was inherited from Hope, Henrik, Octavia, and Remus' father; the original hybrid, Niklaus. Like Klaus' blood, their blood cannot cure a bite from the Beast.
  • Malivore Mud Bullets Cure: Unique to Tribrids, as their status of being one of Nature's loopholes, their blood is also a curative to Malivore mud bullets, weaponized by Triad scientists; this was proven when Hope's blood healed Josie's wound.


  • Disbelief: The act of denying or disbelieving in one's potential could cause tribrid's to inadvertently suppress their magical power.
  • Distraction: Denying tribrids from concentrating or giving full attention to their spells, may render them ineffective.
  • Emotions: Tribrid's magic is subject to the influence of their emotional state and may fluctuate according to them when untrained. According to Sheila Bennett, strong emotions such as worry and anger can fuel a witch's power while emotions such as fear may prevent a witch from properly accessing their powers.
  • Herbs: Ingestion of certain herbs can cause a witch to lose consciousness and prevent them from using magic for a undetermined amount of time. The Lobelia flower prevents concentration and the practice of magic and can be used to weaken a witch as one would weaken a vampire with vervain. Being part werewolf and vampire, they may also acquire the adverse effects of wolfsbane and vervain as well.
  • Huntress' Blood: Consumption of a supernatural huntress' blood will cause a witch to lose their ability to use magic. Prolong exposure poisons them, leading them to get sick and some brands will appear in their body and may eventually lead to death. According to Alex and Rayna Cruz, Rayna's blood can't be reversed for anything and all the attempts to make a cure were unsuccessful. It is unknown what effect Rayna's blood has on tribrids.
  • Magic: Tribrids are still susceptible to the powers of witchcraft. This is inclusive of mystical objects such as Papa Tunde's BladeHope's bracelet, and Dark Objects. A siphoner can siphon the magic from a witch where prolong exposure may lead to death.
  • Overexertion: The excessive use of magic could lead to disorientation, nose bleeds, unconsciousness, and if taken to the extreme, death.
  • Invitation: Due to their vampire heritage, tribrids,when fully activated, are unable to enter a home without an invitation.
  • Desiccation: Being completely drained of blood or the heart-stopping will cause a tribrid to desiccate due to their vampire side, losing most of their strength and any ability to move. This process can be replicated artificially by magic.
  • Unique Physiology: Being born with aspects of all three species, tribrid's nature are somewhat at odds with each other. Dahlia deduces that without proper guidance, Hope's potential as a firstborn of her family's bloodline will prove destructive and unstable when mingled with vampire blood and werewolf aggression.
    • Death: Having been born with vampire blood constantly produced in their systems, tribrid's have the potential for vampirism upon death.
    • Murder: Having been born with the werewolf gene, tribrid's have the potential for lycanthropy when they kills someone.
  • Wood: A wooden stake through the heart will desiccate a tribrid and temporarily "kill" them. However, wood from what appears to be a Red Oak tree can permanently destroy a tribrid as Nature created a balance near the site of the tribrids' birth through the sapling that Hope, Lizzie, and Josie created. In the Therapy Box simulation, Cleo tested her theory and Hope was stabbed and immediately turned to ash. The validity of this, however, has not been tested outside of the simulation.
  • White Oak Ash Daggers: A collection of enchanted silver daggers dipped in the ash of the white oak tree will neutralize tribrids when stabbed through the heart, causing them to dessicate. However, the effects are only temporary and they will wear off in a short amount of time. It's unknown if Hope directly overcame the dessication, and pulled the dagger out, or if the dessication slowly receded, revived and then removed the dagger.

Known Tribrids

Tribrid Description Status
Hope bloodline2.png
Hope Mikaelson
Hope is the first hybrid born with traits of all three supernatural species; Vampire, Werewolf, and Witch. Alive
Henrik bloodline.png
Henrik Mikaelson II
Henrik is the second hybrid born with traits of all three supernatural species; Vampire, Werewolf, and Witch. Alive
Andi bloodline.png
Octavia Mikaelson
Octavia is the third hybrid born with traits of all three supernatural species; Vampire, Werewolf, and Witch. Alive
Remus Mikaelson Remus is the fourth hybrid born with traits of all three supernatural species; Vampire, Werewolf, and Witch. Alive
Dani bloodline.jpg
Daniella Leroux
Daniella is the first hybrid born with traits of all three supernatural species; Vampire, Werewolf, and Siphoner; but the fifth tribrid to be born over all. Alive

Known Types of Tribrids